Is this for real?


Like, actually?

Yes. We are fully operational in New York City and Los Angeles (for a limited time only).

How does it work?

You use your number to create an account (don't worry — we won't spam you). You'll then select the type of relationship you were a part of, add the items you'd like to get back/send, and fill out some delivery info (your address, your ex's phone number, payment method, etc). Depending on the situation, we'll reach out to your ex (or whoever) to see if they either A) have your items and are willing to let us come pick then up or B) are willing to accept the delivery for the items that you're returning to them. If yes, then we'll proceed with the delivery! You pay only after your request is accepted. Check out our How to Postdate page for a step-by-step breakdown.

IDK where my ex lives. Do I need their address?

No! Just their cell number so we can text them.

Will I be charged?

You will only be charged if you choose to complete the order, which happens after we reach out to your ex and you agree to the final delivery fee.

Why did you do this?

Beacuse no one else did?

Can I just browse the site?

Yes, of course! We'll only ask you to verify your address and add a payment method at the end of checkout.

What happened to you?

Bad breakups!

Who made this?

Ani Acopian, Suzy Shinn, and Brian Wagner.

Can you break up with my girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband for me?

Please do not make us do this.

My delivery is taking longer than expected or never arrived. Help?

If you have an active order, please respond to the initial text that was sent to you. All other questions can be submitted via email, at info@postdates.co.

What can I Postdate?

Almost* anything that fits in a large grocery bag (12x7x17").

*Please see below for prohibited items.

Does Postdates deliver alcohol, livestock, drugs, weapons, and/or illegal substances?

NO, WE DO NOT. Do not put in a request to transport these types of items. Your order will be cancelled immediately and if necessary, punishable by law. For example, we will not transport a pet fish, dog, cat, gun, meth, H, bow & arrow, nuclear matter, wine (unopened/opened), weed, and/or anything else questionable.

Can Postdates go to multiple locations within one delivery?

Unfortunately, no. However, Postdates does not limit you from placing multiple orders at the same time, though, in the event you need items from multiple locations.

When will my order arrive?

In short, within 24 hours if your ex (or whoever) accepts the request. BTW, our hours of operation are from 9AM-1PM in Monday through Friday in NY (with limited availability on the weekends) and 11AM-8PM 7 days a week in LA, so expect it to happen at a "normal" time.

Once we text your ex (or whoever), they will have 12 hours to respond to let us know 1) if they're willing to work with Postdates and 2) when they are available. They will then select a pickup time for either the same or next day. We will notify you of the time selection when you confirm your order.

How do I tip my Postdates drivers?

When confirming payment, a pre-paid tip suggestion will be located at the bottom of your screen.

Can we tip the creators of Postdates?

Actually, yes. Venmo @katyperry (seriously) and we will distribute it among the three of us who have spent thousands of dollars and hours to make Postdates happen 🥴.

Wait, what are you going to say to my ex?

We'll generate an automated text that you'll get to preview before your order is submitted.

My final total was different than expected. Why?

We will calculate your order based on a flat rate plus distance between you and the person you're sending/requesting items from. There are additional fees for inconveniences such as overweight items tolls, no show orders, providing the wrong address, etc. See our Terms for details.

How will I get a receipt for my order?

We will email you a receipt.

What's your refund policy?

All services rendered by Postdates are provided on a non-refundable and non-creditable basis. Once your delivery has started, Postdates will be unable to issue any refunds.

Is Postdates COVID safe?

We are doing our best to ensure all of our deliveries are 100% contact free.