Postdates is a fully operational parody of a company that goes by a very similar name. It's what happens when Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn take another idea too far. Alongside product developer Brian Wagner, the trio took to build a functioning pop-up business designed to bring humor to an otherwise shitty situation.

Postdates works just like your favorite delivery app, but in break-up form ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes, it actually works. We designed Postdates to get your stuff back from (or send stuff back to) your ex...or just someone who you're no longer in direct contact with. Remember that hoodie you let them borrow? Now, you can get it back. Divorced? Ghosted? Friendzoned? We've got you. For a limited time only.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ Page or send us an email at info@postdates.co.

A very special thank you to our delivery partners โ€” Airpals (New York) and Gourmet Runner (Los Angeles).

To Bailey James for our logo and branding Displaay for our Matter font, Carlos Estrada, Patrick Toner, and Joel Williams for our 3D animations, and to goos1e for our merch designs.

To Max Hellerstein and Rayne Palombit for absolutely everything big and small. This wouldn't have happened without you. To Dan Brier, Jeremiah Warren, Collin Fioriglio, Atiya Walcott, Tyler Lydell, Rachel White, Kristina Zimmerman, Roberto Ortiz for helping bring our brand video to life. And to our friends Cody Guilfoyle, MaiLinh Nguyen, Kurt Stadelman, Alex Lewis, Jeniโ€™s Ice Cream, Thi Q. Lam, Sara Jensen, Suraya Shivji, Narek Khachatryan, Helena Price Hambrecht, Shaina Denny, Kashi Somers, Cole Hersch, Jon Paul Douglass, Alex Brown, Phil Woods, Cara Salimando, Sean Robinson, Joel Williams, Nikki Winn, Emma Gilberg, Reta Gasser, Anabel Pasarow, Julie Logan, Jack Gorlin, Colton Williams, Olivia Glick, Cecilia Cereijido-Bloche, Devin Lewtan and all of our parents โ€” none of this would have been possible without you.